Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017

The Details

This collection has a whole lot of dates, so here are details:

Palette launches online on Too Faced on 11/28; then 12/3 on Ulta and 12/11 on Sephora. The palette launches in stores on 12/11 for Sephora and Macy’s and 12/12 for Ulta. The collection launches online on Too Faced and Sephora on 12/8 and then Ulta on 12/15. The collection launches in stores on 12/26 at all retailers.

Date varies by retailer, see above!

Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette, $49.00 (Limited Edition)

Take decadence to the next level with a luxurious gold and cocoa powder-infused eye shadow palette that smells as good as it looks. Have a major metallic moment with foiled shadows that are created with real gold for an epic high-shine finish that’s paired with rich, seductive mattes for coffee to cocktails wear. All shadows feature a soft, velvety texture with full coverage payoff. The entire palette is infused with skin-loving cocoa powder for a decadent chocolate scent.

Diamond Highlighter, $34.00 (Limited Edition)

This one-of-a kind highlighter is infused with real crushed diamond powder and light reflecting pearls to create a rainbow diamond fire glow like you’ve never seen. Light up your complexion for a pure radiance that works on any skin tone. Swirl the pink, blue, and gold shades to create your custom highlighter that can be used anywhere. The liquid to powder formula is hand poured ensuring that no two highlighters will ever look the same–just like a real diamond.

Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer, $30.00 (Limited Edition)

Our bestselling Chocolate Soleil Bronzer just went gold! Bathe your skin in a golden bronze glow with this cocoa powder-infused bronzer created with real shimmering gold that smells like a chocolate dream.

Melted Gold Liquified Gold Lip Gloss, $21.00 (Limited Edition)

Drench your lips in the sexy decadence of pure gold. Our liquid foil formula takes on new life as a turned-up, epic, high glitter-lipped moment when any light shines on it. It’s buildable, easy-to-wear, and infused with real gold! Raise the gold bar by applying 2-3 layers of melted GOLD for maximum shine and decadence.

Pure Gold Loose Glitter, $17.00 (Limited Edition)

Real gold is infused in this ultra-fine loose glitter for a buildable formula that can be used as a highlighter, eye shadow, on lips, or anywhere else you want to create a high-impact sparkling gold finish.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection for Holiday 2017

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kjh Avatar

You certainly are an eternal optimist….I, for one, would not make even a tiny wager thereon. And I don’t mean that snarkily, though I do foresee glitter floors for those who choose it.

Alicia Avatar

Is it just me, or does thatnpalette look like a whole lot of fallout? I feel like the quality of Too Faced has been on a steady decline the past few years, and i just have a gut feeling that that palette would leave my face, not my eyes, looking like a disco ball. And I am a big fan of glitter shadows! Can’t wait for your review!

Heather Avatar

It looks like it will have the texture to pair perfectly with their Glitter Glue. I am a HUGE fan of Glitter Glue and use it with all shimmery (not just glittery) shadows to help the shadow adhere to the lid, last longer, and to bring out the metallic shine.

Person Thing Avatar

I think they excel in mattes and I wish that they would focus on creative matte powders more. I loved their chocolate soliel bronzer, but I hated the shimmery eyeshadows I’ve gotten from them. Recently I acquired their peach matte pallette, and once again I’m torn. It’s a great pallette. Probably the best all matte eyeshadow pallette that I’ve used. To be fair its mostly because the shades work so well with my skintone. I really wanted to use Modern Renaissance and Lime Crime Venus, but I’m not a shimmery shadow type of person. I’ve used Stila In the Know, Kat Von D Ladybird, Smashbox Artist Pro and UD Naked Basics, but I found myself only using at best half of the shadows in each of them. Closest I’ve come before this to a HG matte palette is Stila In the Know, and sadly it was discontinued a couple of years ago.

Susan Avatar

Or needs a 12-step program. It’s like they want to make it as hard as possible for people to buy their products. IN WHAT WORLD is this a good idea?!?

I’m done with TF, lousy quality last year or two. Buh bye.

Miska Avatar

I will NEVER wear “scented” eyeshadow of any kind. The concept makes no sense to me and my delicate peepers. I have enough ingredients to worry about keeping away from. I swear my eyes are watering right now as I type this comment. I will be staying far away from this for sure.

Mariella Avatar

I don’t even have problems with fragranced cosmetics, for the most part, but I’ve been lamenting TF starting this whole craziness of scented eyeshadows. Forward-thinking companies have been removing fragrance for years and TF figures it’s a good idea to turn that clock back???

Polly Avatar

I think the palette looks really nice. I will wait to see swatches, reviews but think this might be a xmas treat to myself. I am hoping they are more foiled than glitter, fingers crossed. Thanks Christine.

Alex Avatar

Hey, I’m feeling the same way. I know toofaced gets some backlash (personally returned stuff from the brand cause of bad quality) but, I’m willing to check it out for myself at Ulta which I work next door to. I think this palette looks yummy hehe

Erica Avatar

Is meet but this is just the Clover and their other Christmas one but only a bit deeper and a glitter bomb. I like a lot of Too Faced but they to stop pumping out so many so so palettes and concentrate on something unique and of quality. I’m not seeing gimmicky throw aways here. I like TF and I have fallen for my fair share but ugghh, I’m not feeling this!

Shauna Fidler Avatar

Can I ask why that product is bad for you?
I usually like most of Too-faced stuff, except I was highly allergic to the new sweet peach palette which was so disappointing because I liked the color scheme.
Also I personally can’t use any lip products with Hydro-cinnamate, menthol, or any plumping agents. It causes instant cold sores!!
I always see and respect your comments, I look forward to your reply 🙂

Nancy T Avatar

Hi Shauna, I have a pretty serious sulfa allergy, which is unfortunate because Sodium Saccharin is a sulfa. Around 4 years ago, I did buy the 1st Chocolate Bar Palette and had a very severe reaction, contacted Ulta where I purchased it, SA asks me if I have a sulfa allergy, I say yes, she then tells me that due to the saccharin in the palette, people have been getting reactions. Up until then, I did not even realize that Sodium’s was indeed a SULFA! Never realized that mouth sores I had suffered from were due to THAT ingredient being used in many a flavored lip product, either.

Shauna Fidler Avatar

Thank you so much for replying! I have just started becoming aware of what ingredients are in the products I put on my face. A person just assumes the makeup or skincare company has their best interests at heart. It’s scary to start learning what they can actual get away with because it’s not closely regulated!!
Thanks again 🙂

Alecto Avatar

It actually is pretty closely regulated. Cosmetics companies need consumers to be aware of their allergy issues and to keep themselves informed (and choose products accordingly); most of them aren’t trying to “get away with” anything. While granted, some ingredients have a higher potential for reaction than others, it would be impossible to produce a product that had *no* potential for reaction.

kjh Avatar

Another family that you might wish to bolo for is chemical sunscreens. There are too many to list, but allergies to them are skyrocketing. If you are allergy prone, be careful. I had to rule out most foundations bec of them. Also, Benzyl Salicylate is a chem sunscreen, but its more common usage is a fragrance modifier. You may see it listed on fragrance products. Part of my reaction makes my temp drop to 93, and it feels as if death just might be on the horizon! The idiosyncratic part is that you can be allergic to some, but not all chem sunscreens. Personally, not willing to find out… Some brands, especially those with scented products (by Terry comes to mind) use BS extensively. It may even be more common than ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, which I think is the most provocative sunscreen. If you want to start researching this stuff, EWG (environmental working group) and Cosdna are good places to start.

Jaclyn Avatar

Okay reading through this and realizing that I’m not the only one allergic to some cosmetics ingredients. My skin HATES oxtinoxate (which is found a lot of sunscreens) and I only found out when I had a severe reaction to Maybelline’s Fit Me line about five years ago.

KRB Avatar

This is interesting. My whole life doctors have put on my chart that I have a sulfa allergy because several family members are allergic and they didn’t want to take chances. I’ve used both the original Chocolate Bar and Peach palettes without issue. Maybe I’m not allergic to sulfa after all. I never would have guessed saccharin and sulfa are related. I’ll also never understand why a sweetener has to be in an eyeshadow formulation! ?

Nan Avatar

Just because you might have an allergy to sulfa-based drugs, doesn’t always mean that you’ll have that same reaction to a sulfa derivative in a cosmetic. They’re not the exact same, but people with severe allergies may experience adverse reactions to both. I can’t take sulfa-based medications, but don’t seem to have problems with topical sulfa-derivatives. Again, my doctor explained it as “not all sulfas are equal.”

ShariP Avatar

Nancy, thanks for the explanation. It explains why I can’t wear TF. I’m allergic to sulfa too. I was assuming it was the fragrance and since there are so many other companies that I can wear without issue, I never looked further. I just stayed away from TF. Why would they continue adding it. Its obviously not necessary.

kjh Avatar

I have thought of you many times at my night job, where they have remaindered elf gloss. Omg, got a purple and a burgundy. They had saccharine or some other artificial sweetener. It seeped right in your mouth, and sweetener wasn’t even listed on the ingredients. Sweet $&*( yuck! I put them in the office as freebies, and no one took them! 90% + of the customers I warned chose not to buy them. I also give the sensitivities lecture and tell them that e/s, too, can have saccharine….and many are surprised and don’t understand. Come to think of it, neither do I! If >90% of the uninformed public rejects the idea, it rather shows that artificially sweetened products are driven by the manufacturer, rather than by public demand.

Aj Avatar

Surprised that the Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow palette doesn’t have 15 different versions of gold and brown honestly. Passing on all of this.
I also this that the Diamond Highlighter looks out of place in this collection, the packaging and the color of it imo.

Nyxx Avatar

Love this palette! Mostly shimers with a brown and a black matte. This is right up my alley and I usually hate Too Faced products. As long as those shadows are not glittery and just shimmery I am totally in I have never been a lover of matte shadows and am happy with less than half of a palette being matte.

Honestly I like the look of the whole thing. That chocolate gold is calling my name too!

CeeBee Avatar

Ah, I swore I’d never buy TF again buuuuuut… I actually quite like the look of this, despite it being tacky AF. I think the mattes in the e/s palette are well chosen and as long as the rest of the shades are metallic/foiled and not glittery, then I might consider it. Maybe.

Not fussed on the rest of the collection though.

Jovana Avatar

Wow the negativity for all things Too Faced. I mean, to each their own. I’m personally looking forward to this stuff. Mainly because I’ve enjoyed a lot of their recent releases. The peach powder, foundation and primer are EXCELLENT (and hug proof), most of the highlighters are subtle and work wearable, packaging is cutesey but im into it. Recently I got the Clover palette and i’m obsessed with it. So many looks out of it and no one does shimmer and sheen like TF. Idk…I’ve been happy with their stuff and this looks awesome. If that gold highlighter is like Fenty but without the chalk and glittery fallout…I may have to get it 😀

Alecto Avatar

The shadow called “Famous” needed to be a completely different color IMO; waaaaay too similar-looking to the big pan above (I think it should have been another matte … maybe a midtone neutral-warm grey?). The diamond highlighter is interesting. — nicely packaged, kinda pretty. Not my cup of tea, so I’m in no danger of getting it, but I think they put that particular item together nicely.

Alecto Avatar

And they should have made “Old Money” more red-tinged. Of course, I won’t be buying any of this because of the fragrance and crazy, shiny (likely glittery) finishes, but I feel like they came oh-so-close on the eyeshadow palette to a really nice, fairly unique assortment.

KRB Avatar

Darn, they have terrific Photoshop skills because I’m drooling over the palette and highlighter, but I know they’ll be junk. At least that’s good news for my wallet!

Mariella Avatar

Again, that palette looks so “unoriginal” – UD has done Moondust and “Metal” palettes already and most other companies have imitated that so to my jaded eye, this just looks like one more “variation on a theme”. Having said that, though, I got an email from TooFaced showing an eye look with this palette and it looks really lovely. I think for someone who doesn’t have too much eyeshadow and too many palettes already, this might look very attractive, if it performs well. That highlighter – when I first saw the photo, I though it was a package with a 2nd, interior lid….I didn’t realize that THAT was the actual product (I guess it’s the Diamond Highlighter).

Val Martin Avatar

I live in the U.K. and our instore stockists get very little of the new releases. I love the look of this palette and have asked for it for Christmas. I think my husband bought it online yesterday so can’t wait now. I only own neutral palettes.

Jessica Avatar

I don’t hate it which is surprising b/c it’s Too Faced. I’m actually more intrigued by this metallic palette than the Urban Decay one. Although, I’m quite sick of TF throwing in a random fuchsia shade in all of their palettes. It would have been so much better had it been a red shadow. But as intrigued as I am by this, I don’t see myself buying it.

Marianna Avatar

I bought the palette today from sephora and to be quite honest, I thought it was going to be terrible but I was shocked that the eyeshadows are easy to blend. I know it’s all glittery but there is so many other palettes in different brand that you can use to blend with the glittery eyeshadows.

Brenda Avatar

How do you think the chocolate gold palette compares to the UD heavy metals palette? I got the chocolate gold palette as a gift but I have been eyeing the heavy metals palette for a while now & since Sephora has a such a good sale going on….I am considering purchasing it. Was wondering if I truly “need” 2 metallic palettes in my collection…I was curious to see what your thoughts are 🙂

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