Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers for Makeup Organization Review & Photos

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers ($25.25) is a set of two, clear, acrylic pull-out drawers. Each drawer full extends out, and it is on a “track” so it doesn’t rub against the drawer above or below it, so it is also less noisy. The acrylic is thin along the interior drawer edges with the exterior edges being slightly thicker. The unit itself is 10.2 inches / 25.5 centimeters in width, 6.8 inches / 17 centimeters in depth, and 3.75 inches / 9.5 centimeters in height. Each drawer is 9.6 inches / 24.4 centimeters in width, 6.25 inches / 15.75 centimeters in depth, and 1.75 inches / 4.5 centimeters in height. There is a slight pocket of empty space between the edge of the organizer and the top of the drawer, so you have a little margin for error.

I like the slightly taller drawers, as it gives you some room to play with and layer products if you get a little overflow, though with this type of system, it is ideal to use single layers so that you can see what you have. You can also get the same version with a clear lid (here) for $26.75, which would enable you to keep it open to use the top drawer as a standing area for taller products. For a moderate size stash, I would recommend getting four drawers with one set having a lid, so you can keep foundation bottles, setting sprays, larger powder containers, and so forth there. If you have a makeup room-sized stash, this type of system is best for storing essentials or everyday products, but it’s not space or cost efficient otherwise.

It has moderate weight; enough not to feel flimsy, and it sits on slick surfaces without rattling around, especially once you’ve loaded it up with your stash. The acrylic used isn’t quite as crystal clear or as thick as top tier price ranges would dictate, but I think it would be sufficiently clear and streamlined for most. It seems more prone to picking up scratches and visible smudge marks from dirty fingertips (hey, it’s makeup!), but I don’t tend to notice either unless I’m really looking. Once you put your stash into the drawers, the weight of the products keeps the drawer from falling out even when extended by 75-80%.

What each drawer can hold…

  • 3 x Urban Decay Naked + 2 x Naked Basics Palettes | fits two of the full-sized palettes stacked on top of each other
  • 20 x Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles | five per row, offset, one layer maximum
  • 22 x ColourPop Super Shock Shadows | five per row with two fit in the “notches” of the rows, one layer maximum
  • 8 x MAC Blushes | two rows of three each comfortably, with room for two more offset; one layer maximum
  • 20 x NARS Lipglosses | two rows of ten each, vertically maximizes space; two layers possible; easier to remove glosses with two rows of nine glosses
  • 8 x NARS Powder Blushes | two rows of four each, two layers fits most comfortably, three layers comes right up to the edge (doesn’t seem to scrape, but it is very close)
  • 24 x MAC Lipsticks | two rows of twelve each, labels facing outwards makes it easier to read from either end of drawer
  • 6 x MAC Large Powders | two rows of three each, six fit comfortably, one layer maximum
  • 14 x ColourPop Super Shock Cheeks | three rows of four each, two fit offset to the side, fit comfortably, one layer maximum
  • Makeup Brushes | fits various makeup brushes, including longer ones (like Chikuhodo) as well as fluffier ones (like Chikuhodo Z face brushes)
  • 22 x NARS Audacious Lipsticks | two rows of 11 each, labels facing outwards for readability, one layer maximum
  • 29 x Marc Jacobs Eyeliners | single row fits approximately 29, but easily could have three or four layers
  • 28 x Sephora Eyeliners | arranged in column of 17 and a row of 11 for maximum capacity (fits about 25 in a single row across)

Today is all about acrylic organizers, and next up, we’ll take a look at the Muji 5-Drawer system, followed by Container Store’s modular acrylic system and Sherrieblossom’s Icebox, and we’ll conclude with a round-up and comparison of what’s best and for what and how to maximize these systems.

See more photos!

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 3 x Urban Decay Naked Palettes + 2 x Naked Basics palettes

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 20 x Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 22 x ColourPop Eyeshadows

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 8 x MAC Blushes

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 20 x NARS Lipglosses

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 8 x NARS Blushes

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 24 x MAC Lipsticks

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 6 x MAC Powders

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 14 x ColourPop Super Shock Cheeks

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — Brushes

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 22 x NARS Audacious Lipsticks

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 28 x Marc Jacobs Eyeliners (should fit 29-30)

Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 2-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 28 x Sephora Eyeliner Pencils

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Raeanne Avatar

OMG… this is one of the best posts ever! LOL Can’t wait to see the rest of this series. It is so helpful to see the volume and types of products these can hold before I drop major $$$ on them.

chris Avatar

Thank you so very much for this post. I have been looking for a reasonably priced storage system for my personal stash, that is in current rotation for the the season.

Jennifer Avatar

I have these Muji drawers and I love them! I love how I can see everything so I can actually use and rotate my products! Anyways, I really wanted to say to much I appreciate your blog, Christine. You are so thorough in your reviews and consider each unique aspect of every product you review. Keep up the good work!

Allison Avatar

How much fun did you have testing the drawers to see how many items would fit in them?? I think I’d have a blast. Then again, I’m an organization nerd!! LOL I love this post, it shows off your stash and it shows off the product itself. It’s so nice seeing things lined up all pretty in their little drawer!! I’m always tempted to buy one of these but I don’t really have a need for one, I don’t have a formal vanity where I store makeup, I keep it all in a set of plastic drawers (much like you used to house yours in, according to a really old makeup collection video you posted a long time ago lol). But I’d love to have one of these just to play around and see what fits in them. Hahaha!

Christine Avatar

LOL! It was fun for most of it, but after about four hours of it, my side/back was killing me, haha.

I just got a vanity with drawers, which is where I keep most of my day-to-day or favorite stuff, so I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with all of these organizers myself! They’re pretty once they’re filled up!

Liz Avatar

It’s ridiculous (in the best way possible) how much effort you put into your reviews. I almost never comment on blogs but I just wanted to thank you for what you do!

Nicole Avatar

What a brilliant idea to review! I need some stuff like this so bad! I’ll wait for the other’s to be reviewed. But this looks great for ColourPop stash which now just is jumbled in a box! I like the Eyeliners too. Plus, I have been looking for a way to get a daily stash together so I’m not rooting around on busy mornings. Gosh, you are the best! How many of these do you think could stack ?

Christine Avatar

Yes, ColourPop would work well here! I would say the Muji 5-Drawer is better, because you can’t stack the ColourPop anyway, so it’s just one layer and the shorter 5-Drawers is perfect for that. I’m probably going to use one of these for ColourPop (well, maybe two… given how much they have).

I think you could easily stack three, and then four or more might depend on where you live (earthquakes?!). I’d definitely make sure to load the bottom one with heavier products, but three is where I’d be comfortable recommending!

Mocha Avatar

This makes my brain happy, lol!

I was just looking at my bathroom counter wondering how I could re-organize things and now I have something new to consider, lol!


Katherine T. Avatar

Wow, this is a great idea! I like how to you can store the products in single layers, so you can see all the colors at a glance . What a beautiful collection of makeup, every makeup junkie’s dream. And that Hello Kitty MAC item is so cute!!

tirurit Avatar

I have two of these and love them! I layer mac lipsticks (2 layers) with the labels facing outwards and it is the perfect method for me: easily accessible and visible plus the lipsticks lay flat and you don’t risk any accidents as when you put them vertically with the labels facing up

*thumbs up*

Audrey Avatar

I’m really particular about how I store my makeup, and I try to avoid stacking products, if at all possible, so the 5-drawer is definitely more appealing in this case. I always feel like I’ll forget that the bottom product exists if something is stacked on top. On a different note, I remember back in my high school days all of the “beauty gurus” that I religiously watched on YouTube had these by the truckload and it was sooo hard to resist getting these. There is a definite appeal in the way that they look. Something about the acrylic is just so clean feeling, and it’s great to be able to see your products. Now I feel like I’m going to have to resist these all over again, lol! πŸ™‚ I don’t think I’d use them much for makeup (maybe every day picks), but, rather, for brush storage since I don’t like my brushes out.

Christine Avatar

I really like the 5-Drawer for brush storage. I DO wish they were deeper so you could store more brushes vertically – like with the brush heads facing the drawer’s front so you could select based on the brush head, but if you have normal to long brushes, sideways will be best. Drawer liners might be useful, too, to prevent rolling if you really want everything nice and neat πŸ™‚ The 2-Drawer is better for really fluffy brushes, I will say that.

I’ve always admired the acrylic stuff from afar but has never been practical for my stash, so it’s fun to see how it works and who it might work for.

_An_ Avatar

I love that you showed us how different types of makeup products could fit in these drawers. Super helpful! Thank you so much for your review. ^^ I’m always looking for ways to better organize my growing amount of makeup. These drawers are nice, but not efficient enough for my large stash, heh.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Thank you. I so need these. My husband says it sounds like I’m playing with Legos when I’m searching for products. Organization is NOT my strong suit.

Candice Avatar

I love this type of storage system and it seems to convenient for lip products and single shadows, to see everything properly and encourage using these products since they’re so easy to reach and see. Nice!

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