Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers for Makeup Organization Review & Photos

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers ($27.95) is a single unit with five drawers that pull out completely, so you can take out a drawer and set it down like a tray, which gives you greater access to anything you put into it. The unit measures 10.2 inches / 26 centimeters wide, 6.9 inches / 17.5 centimeters in depth, and 6.6 inches / 16.5 centimeters in height. The interior space of each drawer is 9.4 inches / 23.9 centimeters in width, 6.5 inches / 16.5 centimeters in depth, and 0.9 inches / 2.3 centimeters in height. These drawers are shorter than the 2-Drawer system by 0.85 inches / 2.1 centimeters, and while you can stack this on top of the 2-Drawer unit, it is a tiny bit wider and slightly deeper.

The weight of your products help to keep the drawer from falling out, even when extended quite far, but you can also fully remove the drawer to access anything stored in the back. I prefer this, personally, as it means you can really maximize every inch of the drawer. It’s also a nice way to store lipsticks with labels facing outwards so you can read them quickly, rather than having to pick up, read, pick up, read to find the right one. The 5-Drawer has a moderate thickness on its exterior sides, while the drawers themselves are slightly thinner. The unit sits comfortably on counter tops without sliding around as it has rubberized feet on the bottom to prevent slippage. The drawers sit on “tracks” so they pull out easily without rubbing against the drawer above or below it.

The shorter drawers won’t allow you to hold products like foundation bottles, larger tubes, and cylindrical loose powder containers (among other things!). The short height is ideal for someone who only wants to have a single layer of product per drawer, as it wastes very little in vertical space as a result–too tall drawers often waste space unless you plan to layer or have specific products that are tall enough to fill it. These drawers fit eyeshadows, lipglosses, lipsticks, blushes, bronzers, pressed powders, slim palettes, eye brushes, eyeliners, eyeshadow primers, and things of that nature very well. It has a decent footprint, where it’s not going to fit for everyone’s play space, but it is a good option for those with a vanity about two to three feet in width or on top of an Ikea Alex drawer unit.

What each drawer can hold…

  • 23 x Urban Decay Eyeshadows | four rows of five each, plus three offset on the side, one layer maximum
  • 23 x ColourPop Eyeshadows | five rows of five each, plus three offset on the side, one layer maximum
  • 8 x MAC Blushes | two rows of four each, with a fair amount of space, one layer maximum; the two rows fit more comfortably in this unit than the 2-Drawer unit due to the greater width
  • 2 x URban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes | fits two next to each other with space along the right and bottom of them (could fit
  • eyeliners along the bottom, possibly eyeshadows on the right)
  • 20 x NARS Lipglosses | two rows of ten each comfortably, one layer maximum
  • 14 x ColourPop Super Shock Cheeks | three rows of five each, two offset on the side
  • 6 x MAC Powders | two rows of three each
  • 24 x MAC Lipsticks | two rows of twelve each
  • 9 x NARS Blushes | three rows of three each with some excess space on the right OR stagger them slightly and get four rows of three each with labels facing up; if laid flat, you can get two layers in
  • 29 x Marc Jacobs Eyeliners | single row, single layer; two layers possible
  • 29 x Sephora Eyeliners | one column of 18, one row of 11; two layers possible
  • Brushes | fits brushes of various length; round or fluffier face brushes may have too large of a diameter to fit well but will work for eye brushes and smaller/flatter face brushes

See more photos!

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 23 x Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 23 x Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 23 x ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 8 x MAC Blushes

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 2 x Urban Decay Palettes

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 20 x NARS Lipglosses

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 14 x ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 6 x MAC Powders

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 9 x NARS Blushes

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 12 x NARS Blushes

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 28 x Marc Jacobs Eyeliners (should fit 29-30)

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — 29 x Sephora Eyeliners

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers — Makeup Brushes

Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers
Muji 5-Drawer Acrylic Drawers

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PB Avatar

everything looks so perfect, thank you for this post! great idea! by chance would you know if any of the muji drawers fit Chanel Illusion D’Ombres or the new TF eye cream duos? thank you so much!!

CeeCee Avatar

Sadly I don’t own either the Chanel Illusion d’Ombres or TF duos to compare but are MAC Paint Pots too tall for these drawers?

Because the lids of the paint pots are domed they’re the tallest cream eyeshadows I own (Dior Fushion Monos, TF Creme Color, Givenchy, and Maybelline Color Tattoos are all shorter by comparsion) and therefore kind of a pain to store.

CeeCee Avatar

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

In that case I’ll probably end up buying both and designate the two drawer for those taller items that don’t work for the five. I’m so glad you reviewed both, looking at the price difference between the two I didn’t think the two drawer would be worth trying

Katherine T. Avatar

Wow, I can’t believe this is $28 for 5 drawers, and it can hold so much makeup! I’m going to have to check this out

Ginny Avatar

Awesome. I have an okay blush storage for my Nars, etc. but I definitely need one of these to store my Colourpop stuff. Thanks for reviewing πŸ™‚

Mariella Avatar

I think your math’s a bit off – that looks like 4 rows of 5 UD shadows plus the 3 extras. I’m just dazzled by all the fabulous stuff you’ve got there (the storage unit is overshadowed by all the pretty makeup!). Still, what a nice organizer and what a lot of stuff in a small, practical space. I have always wished that MAC’s lids were flat (like UD) rather than slightly domed)you’d be able to stack those blushes, bronzers, etc. and maybe get 2 layers into the one drawer without them sliding and shifting every time you open the drawer. I need to look for something like this once hubby redoes my bathroom vanity.

Christine Avatar

It was the right number in the drawer, just wrote five instead of four for the rows! (4 rows, 5 each = 20 + 3 = 23) Sorry about that and thank you for the correction! πŸ™‚

Yep, MAC’s domed lid makes them a bit harder to stack in two layers! In this one, you can only do a single layer even of UD’s eyeshadows, but there are some acrylic systems that would definitely let you do two layers of UDs singles!

Christine Avatar

It’s definitely a question of HOW much you have and how you like to reach/find your products. None of the acrylic systems is remotely practical for the quantity I have — my Ikea Bestas were $560 each, and they have 16 drawers per unit; one drawer there fits two or three of these. Though I have spent a pretty penny on Container Store organizers for each drawer!

I can see something like the Alex 9-Drawer and one or two of these on top or on a vanity for housing favorites, everyday essentials, and things of that nature, though! Also viable for someone who doesn’t want their brushes out in the open.

Allison Avatar

It’s organizational porn!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much for doing this, you hear YouTubers talk about how much they love these and the great code the company gave them but you never really see them in action. Your reviews are just amazing, very well written, and the pictures with products in the drawers really give the reader a sense of how their collection would fit. Very great read, Christine!

averymae Avatar

I really like the design, but am I the only one that isn’t a huge fan of acrylic? I have an acrylic 3 drawer set (off brand, bought it at TJ Maxx I think), and I would prefer a wooden one. I don’t really like that acrylic gets dirty and that everything is visible, but it seems like companies create so many nice acrylic solutions specific for cosmetics. Does anyone know of a similar design to Muji but is opaque?

Valerie C. Avatar

I think I’ll get a 5 drawer. All my extra brushes are in ziploc bags in a bureau drawer and I rarely use them for that reason. Thanks for posting this.

Jillienne Avatar

Love this! I’ve been considering getting some type of acrylic storage system for my makeup collection for a while, but have put that on hold for a while. I’ve seen some acrylic drawers I like look-wise, but researching them and reading reviews is time consuming and some are pretty expensive. Your reviews are always so helpful. I love the fact that your reviewing these for quality, as well as showing what they can hold. This is really helpful and will definitely help me narrow down my search! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

Chloe Avatar

Thank you so much for these reviews! I’ve been looking for a more effective way to store my makeup than just repurposed plastic boxes (I end up pulling out six lipsticks in the search for one, and that’s with a color organization system), and this plus the Container Store’s lipstick holders seems like they’d be a perfect combo. It must have taken forever for you to test these!!

Hannah Avatar

I have this one, and love it! I use it to store my “everyday” makeup that I keep in my bathroom, and it works perfectly. Only a couple of items (loose powders) don’t fit.

I also keep a Muji item that doesn’t seem to be on their site anymore for my brushes (in the taller space) and little knick-knacks like a tweezer and a eyelash curler (in the smaller space) that looks like a 2 part pencil holder sort of thing, also in acrylic. I love both items and I think they’re a good value!

Annie Avatar

I recently got the “4-drawer desktop paper organizer” ($24.99) from the Container Store after seeing it compared to the Muji drawers in a YouTube video. Absolutely love it! The bottom drawer is deeper so it can hold larger items. So it can basically hold the same amount of stuff as the Muji. How funny you’re reviewing all these storage items just as I’m organizing my collection! =) Definitely a lot of great options at the Container Store.

Laura Neuzeth Avatar

I own this and the 3-drawer version! πŸ˜€ I personally couldn’t live without them. I find myself using more of my products when stored in these acrylic drawers. Also the 3-drawer stacks up perfectly above the 5-drawer. πŸ™‚ I wish there were more Muji stores around the US though since it does help seeing these in person. I have to drive up 2 hours to be able to go to the ones in Los Angeles but it was worth it.

Malia Avatar

This would be totally perfect for me for stuff I use everyday or things I want to look neat! Looks like even mascaras should fit.

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